Vizsla puppies available

maďarský ohař štěňataVery promissing litter of vizsla puppies was born in June in kennel z Héku. We recommend this puppies to all potential owners. Mother of the puppies - Cuba z Tišnovských revírů - is one of the best hunting dogs in the Czech republic - she has very good pedigree (daughter of International Work Champion Diansa z Panských lesů), HD A, excellent at dog shows (CAC, CACIB, BOB) and she has also wonderfull results at hunting - she will participate the Memorial Richarda Knolla 2012. Father of the puppies - ChT. ICh. Or Kajan z Baštin - is Interchampion and has lots of perfect shows results, he is also Czech Working Champion, HD B. Both dogs are typical vizslas, love people, and children.

Three boys are free at this moment. They will be available in August. For more information look at kennel´s websites or contact the breeder - or contact me

We have puppies!

Our litter A was born during night from Monday to Tuesday... We have 8 puppies - 5 girls and 3 boys - everybody is ok Smile More info soon... For first photos looka at our facebook profile.

Cilka is in the half of the pregnancy

It´s approximately 35 days from the beginning of her pregnancy. She is still hungry and really enjoys sleeping at our bed {}

pregnant vizslapregnant vizsla

Cilka´s birthday

On Monday Cilka celebrated her third birthday. The main gift gave her Ashkii, from us at least little birthday cake Smile

magyar vizsla

Cilka is pregnant

We have great news from our vet - Cilka is pregnant! Expected date of birth is in the second half of March. If you are interested to a puppy from our kennel, don´t hesitate to contact us on phone number 739 320 202 or


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